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Potted Meat Food Product
Hostile Team
PMFP: an expose
6* Varieties...
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Potted Meat Kills!!!
Dave Barry
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Everything you ever wanted to know about P.M.F.P. but were afraid to ask.

How did I come to this discovery of Potted Meat Food Product you say? Well, it was a cold, wet night, or at the least it was cold out, December 9th of 2000, I believe, when we (Jess, Dante, Steve, Chelsea, Mom, and I) came up with what was to be Hostile Inc. Productions first film, "The Winkie Project". So, Dante and I set off that night, or really early the next morning, depending upon how you look at things, to buy Twinkies. For some reason, we felt called to purchase Spam for a cameo appearance in our film. To this day, we don't know why. Was it God? Fate? Drugs? No, actually we know it wasn't drugs. Flouride in the drinking water? Insanity produced by purchasing Twinkies in bulk at 1am? Perhaps, it was just the salty gelatinous allure of Spam calling to us. We will never know. Let me just state now, that I am actually a strict vegetarian and have not, and will not, ever eat Potted Meat Food Product in any of its varieties.

And so, Dante and I are standing before shelves of Spam in all its gelatinous glory when we look over and see Libby's Potted Meat Food Product glaring at us in its own putrid way. Naturally, we had to buy it. Since it was three cans for a dollar, we purchased three. It made sense, somehow, despite the fact that we didn't know what to do with *one* can of potted meat. It went on to make its first appearance on film with a Spam, turned into "Pam" to avoid trademark infringement, and Nanook Winkie. A star was born. Libby's Potted Meat Food Product later went on to star in another Hostile Inc. Production titled, "Potted Meat Food Product: an expose."
Since then, we have discovered that there are indeed six known varieties of Potted Meat Food Product: (in order of discovery) Libby's, Armour, Goya, Bryan, Pathmark, and Hormel.

New stuff to churn your innards!

4/17/01 - Potted Meat Food Product Splatters the Information Super Highway

4/30/01 - Jaclyn realizes that if nothing else, she learned how to spell sodium erythorbate without looking from this.

4/30/01 - Potted Meat Food Product on the "Veb" is presented to the public.

5/01/01 - Jess finally writes her bio. It only required a bit of prodding, namely my writing her a bio and publishing it. This was also an achievement because it was updated from the library under the watchful eye of Substitute Librarian Nazi.

5/04/01 - Jaclyn, in a fit of boredom, discovers and realizes that most potted meat webpages all express confusion/shock over partially defatted fatty tissue of any variety. She also emails Bryan over "mechanically separated chicken" and "partially defatted cooked beef fatty tissue".

Armour Potted Meat Food Product

There's nothing quite like Armour Potted Meat Food Products, except for the other five known brands of Potted Meat Food Product.

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