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PMFP: an expose


Hostile Team
PMFP: an expose
6* Varieties...
Side Effects
Type to me, baby
Potted Meat Kills!!!
Dave Barry
Where to Find It
Potted Meat Food Product

Buy This Movie, Don't Steal This Movie*

Reasons to buy "Potted Meat Food Product: an expose"

See the Hostile Team in action

See a valedictorian say she'd eat potted meat

See the Potted Meat Nazi give a verbal spanking

See Dan, our resident dumb guy, eat potted meat

If interested, simply email Jaclyn (see contact page) to find out where to mail your $6 or blank VHS tape with $3 handling to. Those in the MHHS area can simply give her a blank tape.

*This is not a reference, or a plug, to the film "Steal This Movie", starring the illustrious Janeane Garafalo.