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Side Effects


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Side Effects
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Potted Meat Kills!!!
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Potted Meat Food Product

Tested on Libby's (but probably true for all)*

(In Chronological Order)

(Times are for how long it lasted after consumption)

0.3 Hours - Hallucinations

1 Hour - Temporary Blindness

1.5 Hours - Loss of Motor Skills

4 Hours - Headache & Dizziness

4 Days - Stomach Cramps & Gas

**Momentary Death Occurs After 40 Hours**

*These are only known side effects, and they may not appear in all people. These were suffered by Dan Smith, who is not representative of the general populace...his stomach is stronger.**

**This is just an additional disclaimer to say "Libby don't sue us". We are poor and cannot afford our own educations. Most of our money goes towards buying your products.