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Potted Meat Kills!!!


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Potted Meat Kills!!!
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Poisonous potted meat

Accrington newsagent's death

Monday January 29, 1906

The Guardian

Robert Haworth, newsagent, who was one of the forty persons taken ill at Accrington a few days ago after eating potted meat bought at a local shop, died last night. He and his son and daughter ate some of the meat, and all three were very ill. The son and daughter, however, soon got better. Mr. Haworth was about 60 years of age. The facts will be reported to the coroner, and an inquiry will be held. Samples of the meat and the tin in which it was put in at the shop are being carefully examined, and the result will no doubt be made known at the inquest.

I'm not making this up. I found it here.